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Winner: Best Horror Novel, 2021 Independent Press Award, 1st Place
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Winner: Reader's Favorite 2020 Book Awards, Supernatural Fiction, Silver Medal
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"...a highly satisfying merging of horror and political milieus. A vigorous & immersive vampire tale set against the twilight of the Romanovs." -Kirkus Reviews
"...enthralling series launch...a superior job of integrating the unrest preceding the Russian Revolution into the gore-filled action....Fans of historical horror thrillers will be eager to see where Gage goes next." -Publishers Weekly
"On every page, this supernatural historical delivers abundant thrills & chillsThis wonderfully terrifying blend of bloody history and vicious vampires will hold supernatural suspense fans in thrall." - Book Life, Editor's Choice, Mar. 2020

"Nothing short of brilliant."

"Highly graphic & wonderfully disturbing..."  

"A powerfully grim tale with an accurate historical atmosphere and a highly inventive thriller plot that
keeps you gripped at every turn." - K.C. Finn, Reader's Favorite






An Epic Supernatural Suspense 

Thriller by Brian James Gage

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History is a lie. The Truth Shall be Revealed.

History states Tsar Nicholas II, his wife Alexandra,   and their five children were executed on the morning of July 17, 1918 (OS). This contrasts suppressed documents citing the royal family mysteriously disappeared after fires ravaged Saint Petersburg in December 1916 (OS).              


Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin was supposedly murdered by high-ranking Russian officials on December 16, 1916 (OS), for his unprecedented and perceived nefarious influence over the royal family. He was poisoned, shot twice, and clubbed into submission, yet remained alive. His attackers finally drowned him underneath the icy Neva River.


Rasputin’s autopsy was reportedly performed three days later by Professor Kossorotov, a high-ranking Okhrana agent and future Kremlin operative. Cause of death: drowning. The document states Rasputin broke free of his bindings and his fingernails showed signs he’d tried to claw through the ice.     


The stories surrounding Rasputin’s death are gross falsifications. His body was never recovered for examination, and his status within the Russian intelligence community to this day remains: At Large.          


This is the true story of Rasputin’s paranormal           coup d'etat and his conjuring of ancient vampires that destroyed Saint Petersburg, Russia, in December 1916.


Hi, Friends.

Thanks for supporting my new book. This is the first book I've released in over fourteen years, so I hope you enjoy all the work that went into it.

In addition to this new novel, I have been busy building out various businesses over the years so I could have more time and freedom for my writing. And finally we're here.

I spent a lot of time researching and developing this novel, and had it edited by Bram Stoker Award Nominee Nick Mamatas. If it's well received, there are two more books in the series.

After learning lots of about business and marketing in my own ventures over the years, I have decided it was time to forgo traditional publishing and promote this book with my own imprint KDK 12 Press. 

In addition to writing and business development, I am currently enrolled in conservatory for classical piano performance and you can see some of my videos here.

Thank you very much for your support.



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★ Starred Review "...Relentless..." "...Deliciously dark..." "...Darkly stylish..." " irresistible read. Dark fantasy and historical thriller fans alike will devour this book." - BlueInk Reviews.