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Coming 2020

The Nosferatu Conspiracy

An Epic New Horror Novel by 

Brian James Gage

Coming 2020


History is a lie. The Truth Shall be Revealed.

History states that Tsar Nicholas II, his wife Alexandra, and their five children were executed on the morning of July 17, 1918. This is in contrast to suppressed documents stating the royal family mysteriously disappeared after fires ravaged Saint Petersburg in December 1916 [O.S.]. Documents surrounding the unexplained fires have also been destroyed.


Gregori Yefimovich Rasputin was supposedly murdered by high-ranking Russian officials on December 16, 1916 [O.S] for his unprecedented and perceived nefarious influence over the royal family. He was poisoned, shot twice, and clubbed into submission; yet remained alive. His attackers finally drowned him underneath the icy Neva River.


The following morning, British War Intelligence intercepted an urgent, encrypted message from Moscow’s Central Command to all Russian Generals on the WWI front: ALL UNITS ABANDON POSTS. RETURN TO MOSCOW AT ONCE. ST. PETERSBURG ATTACKED BY UNKNOWN MENACE. FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS UPON RETURN.


Rasputin’s autopsy was performed three days later by Professor Kossorotov – a high ranking Okhrana agent and future Kremlin operative. Cause of death - drowning. The document states Rasputin broke free his bindings and his fingernails showed signs he’d tried to claw through the ice.


The stories surrounding Rasputin’s death are gross falsifications. His body was never recovered for examination, and his status throughout the Russian Intelligence community to this day remains: At Large.


What follows is a true retelling of the censored paranormal activities that took place in Saint Petersburg, Russia throughout the month of December 1916.

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