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Announcing The Nosferatu Conspiracy, Graphic Novel, Vol. 1: The Lady of the Loch

Big news everyone! I'm officially releasing my very first graphic novel.

Available for pre-order now, exclusively on Amazon Kindle. Will also be available in hardcover & paperback.

Release date Oct 4th, 2023 [which also happens to be my dang 50th birthday!]. So it's like a present to myself.

This will essentially be a 30-volume graphic novel serial retelling The Nosferatu Conspiracy in graphic form. I envision it will take me several years, ideally releasing one volume a month (bit ambitious) until it covers all three novels, but we shall see.

I'm very pleased with the final of this and hope you will be too. Thanks to AI art, every panel on every page is very engrossing full-color, full-detail artwork. I envision a graphic novel with this level of artwork throughout would have been financially infeasible even 6 months ago as it weighs in at over 75 pages.

Volume 1 is creepy & sometimes funny with the best dang AI art & composites that I could muster! I've never worked in this format before so I either killed it with the panel design & AI art, or I blew it . . . Ye shall be the judge.

Hopefully, these will keep everyone tied over until I release The Last Seraph next year (about 3/4 finished with the 1st draft).

Thank you again for your support & I hope you're as excited about this as I am! Never realized how much I love working in this format until I had the opportunity to do it—with a robot, no less—so expect a lot more of this in the future for my other in-progress works. Ahhh, the future...

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