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Reader's Favorite Review #2: "The Nosferatu Conspiracy, Book 2: The Sommelier"

Review #2: Review by Tiffany Ferrell

Review Rating: 5 Stars

In this second book of The Nosferatu Conspiracy, we are taken from the events in Russia to Germany where Kaiser Wilhelm is seeking the blood of Vlad Dragula to father a child who will be able to control the Nosferatu and therefore give him the power to not only overthrow Europe but have dominion throughout the world. There is one person that Wilhelm is interested in, wondering about his involvement in the Russian murder of Empress Alexandra, Emperor Nicholas, and their son Czarevich Alexey. That man is none other than Felix Yusupov. Meanwhile, Felix and Rurik have made their way to Romania to try to stop the unthinkable from happening.

Once again Brian James Gage has blown me away with the creativity of his storytelling in the fact that he can take a major historical event like World War I and give it a supernaturally dark twist. Once again I love how the author gives Felix Yusupov a great storyline and places him in such a different light than history does. In this book, we are introduced to Kaiser Wilhelm; the role that he played was very believable. The Kaiser did want to control Europe and very possibly the world. The idea that he’d use the blood of Dragula and his mistress to bring a child into the world that would be able to control the vampiric Nosferatu and, in turn, the world is a very creative yet believable plot. Also that the Kaiser had Franz Ferdinand killed for the simple reason that the Archduke was after the vial of blood as well for the same reasons. The character development is amazing and if you love history and otherworldly things, this book will definitely call to you.

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